Monday, June 16, 2008

KL Draft local Plan

The draft KL local Plan is currently being presented for public feedback & comments & it has been quite widely publicized in the media. 

A dedicated team of  TTDI RA Exco members has been studying this Local Plan (as of 15 May) with special focus on TTDI & it's neighborhood.  A big THANK YOU to the TTDI RA Exco members for being so proactive  in contributing to the betterment of TTDI. 

FYI - this dedicated team of  TTDI RA Exco members has been researching & understanding the proposals in KL Draft Plan, evaluating the impacts, visiting the relevant Govt Agencies to clarify details, and drafting up a list of issues for the purpose of submitting an official objection to DBKL as soon as possible.

On Sunday, 15 June 2008, 11.00am, the TTDI-RA conducted a forum session @ Pusat Komuniti TTDI Meeting Room to present it's findings to TTDI residents with the objective of  seeking feedback. TTDI-RA plans to be submit an official collective feedback to the DBKL on the Local Plan. This however does not preclude each individual TTDI resident from submitting their own feedback or comments. 

If you should have any constructive feedback or comments, please share it with everyone here.

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Koo said...

I agree that each individual TTDI resident could submit their own objections/comments on the draft KL City Plan 2020 and should exercise their right to do so.

However, to be able to properly interpret and understand how the draft KL City Plan 2020 would affect your backyard (and TTDI as a whole), it is essential that you purchase the full 3-volume draft and thoroughly review them.

I assure you that relying on newspaper reports, briefings and exhibitions/roadshows only won't be enough.

The money, time and effort that you spent would be worth it if by the year 2020, TTDI is still the neighbourhood that you, your family and your future generations want to live in.

So, do you want to be a nomad shifting houses or do you intend to stay in TTDI for life and make a stand for YOUR neighbourhood?

Please do add your voice to the chorus for TTDI! Remember to use their form which could be downloaded here.